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Quinn Sharp Earrings
Quinn Sharp Earrings
Quinn Sharp Earrings
Quinn Sharp Earrings
Quinn Sharp Earrings
Quinn Sharp Earrings
Quinn Sharp Earrings
Quinn Sharp Earrings

Quinn Sharp

Quinn Sharp Earrings

$ 52.00

Abalone Dangle Earrings
Abalone Diamond Long Spike Hoops
Circle Hoops Crystal + Spikes
Pearl Coin Leaf Hoop w/o Chain
Plumeria Long Hoops
Baby Herkimer Dangle Hoop Earrings
Gold Open Ear Hoop Moonstone
Large Teardrop Hoop
Baby Hoop Pearl Spike
Circle Hoop Gray Mother of Pearl Triangle Spikes
Mother of Pearl Diamond/Spike Hoops
Gypsy Hoop Labradorite
Circle Hoop Labradorite Spike
Circle Hoops with Abalone and Spikes
Diamond Gemstone Labradorite Teardrop Hoops
Gold Threader Hoops Pearl Chain
Moonstone Moons Collab
Double Triangle Mother of Pearl
Double Triangle Mother of Pearl Chain
Gemstone Chain Moonstone Hoops
Oval Pearl Drop Hoops
Gold Teardrop Moonstone and Crystal
Leaf Hoops Baby Pearl Chains
Teardrop Crystal Double Long Spikes
Dawn Crystal + Spikes
Triangle Hoops
Triangle Hoops Moonstone Drop
Turquoise Dot Chain Teardrop Hoops
Gold Bar Open Ear Hoop
Long Inverted Smoky Quartz
Medium Teardrop Hoops
Oval Pearl Dangle Hoops
Peach Moonstone Fan Hoops
Pearl Coin Leaf Hoops
Silver Long Inverted Smoky Quartz Cushion
Small Teardrop Long Fringe
Teardrop Black Onyx and Crystal
Peach Moonstone and Crystal
Teardrop Hoops with Hammered Spikes
Teardrop Mother of Pearl and Spikes
The Crescent Moonstone Drip Earrings
Triple Gemstone Chip Dangle Earrings
Desert Crystal Double Long Spikes
Rainbow Crystal + Double Spikes
Blue Crystal Double Long Spikes
Moonstone and Spikes
Sky Blue Crystal + Spikes
Labradorite and Spikes
Macrame and Crystal Hoops
Gemstone Leaf and Spikes
Champagne Crystal and Spikes
Double-Spike Rainbow Crystal
Rainbow Crystal Teardrop
Gemstone Hoop
Rainbow Crystal
Baby Herkimer Drop
Oval Pearl Dangle
Lavender Honey Crystal and Spikes
Pink Pearl Long Spike
Mother of Pearl Plumeria Flower Hoops
Rectangle Pearl Dangle
Smoky Quartz Heart Ear Hoop
Green Quartz and Spikes
Fall Pastel Gemstone Leaf Hoops
September Gemstone Leaf Hoops
Green Crystal Horseshoe Hoops
Green Crystal and Spikes
Green Crystal Teardrop
Triple Ruby Gemstone Circle Hoops
Long Inverted Rose Quartz
Double Circle Hoop Ruby Quartz
Teardrop Pearl Coin and Spikes
Baby Pearl Dangle
Small Teardrop Red Ruby
Herkimer Dangle
Smoky Quartz Hoops
Moonstone Dangle
Peach Moonstone and Spikes Hoops
Sunset + Gold
Moonstone + Gold
Gold + Moonstone
Gold + Pearl

Each piece is handmade and completely inspired by the ocean and elements of nature, where the balance between mental, physical, and spiritual well-being come together.

 Locally made in Humboldt County

**Each piece is uniquely made. Crystals may slightly differ in shape and color. This is a part of the intended look.