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Savannah Goodwin Designs

SG Designs Necklaces

$ 70.00

Bar and Link Necklace
Disc Necklace
Paperclip Necklace
Double Sequin Necklace
Sequin Necklace
Sierra Necklace
Taylor Necklace
Lariat Paperclip
Lariat Disc
Lariat Bar and Link
Gold 14-16"
Gold 16-18"
Warm Stones + Gold
Neutral Stones + Gold
Citrine + Gold
Freshwater Pearl + Gold
Smoky Quartz + Gold
Moonstone + Gold
Carnelian + Gold
Triple Freshwater Pearl + Gold

Small Maker

Shorter Necklace: 14-16"

Longer Necklace: 16-18"

Lariat: 21"


Gold Fill